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Graphic Artist

January 18, 2021

It’s been years now since I posted on this blog, not for want of desire, but for feeling I had exhausted the images I have. However a recent find brought to mind Bolton Morris as a graphic designer. And though I’ve discussed his graphic work before I think it’s worth revisiting. I’ve often mentioned his quick sketches done on the kitchen table with me or another disciple sitting opposite. These he would refine, though at times the quick version was what he wanted to say.

Here are three examples – the last of which I’ve not shown before. The first image comes from Bolton’s “workshop” card done roughly 1960 showing St Dunstan Patron Saint of Church Artists.

Next is St Lawrence made as a holy card for the ordination of a Deacon in 1986.

But the last is extraordinary – a holy card for the funeral mass of a priest in 1983.

I regard it as a work of genius, not that everything Bolton did was a work of genius, but here as he often did he rose to the occasion and that, encouraged no doubt by being given free reign by someone he respected. In this case the late Msgr Richard Simons longtime pastor of ST Anastasia’s Church in Newtown Square PA where Bolton did a number of excellent pieces, some of which are no longer in use (the clergy sometimes feel their personal taste is more important than the parish patrimony). The card was in honor of his brother Msgr Thomas Simons the longtime pastor of St Matthew’s Church Conshohocken, PA.

So I leave you to think about this kind of design – tiny pieces, yet powerful ones despite their scale.