The Discriminating Eye

Few people had the gift of self-examination that Bolton had. He was keenly aware of his failings – sometimes to the point of preventing forward motion.  This hard look at himself is undated, but I recall he was working on it in the early 1970s – it was abandoned as were many projects over time – perfectionism produces its own flaws. It is certainly not a lovely image, except that for those of us who loved him it might inspire us to do some soul-searching of our own. I doubt I could be as honest as he showed himself to be here. Suitably for a hard look at oneself it is larger than life-size and is classical painting in the academic fashion as taught at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art where he studied following the Second World War. I pray for Bo regularly and I hope he is praying for me.

2 Responses to “The Discriminating Eye”

  1. Stephen Hard Says:

    Bolton was so devout in the very best sense of that word. The image is conflicted rather than serious or sad. I don’t think he ever resolved his joyful love of Jesus and his Church and it’s vision of him as inherently evil because of his homosexuality. Bolton accepted that he was a sinner. What he did not comprehend was how the Church has sinned in committing her homosexual sons and daughters to lives of self-hatred, loneliness and rejection.

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