The Herald

I’ve mentioned the kitchen table before – the place where Bolton worked out many a design including this one.

But I’m not talking about the Herald Tribune or an archangel, rather Bolton’s love of the art of heraldry. He treasured many books on the subject and would lecture me on the importance of keeping to the classical forms rather than the niggling designs so common in the Church.

And he was utterly delighted when he was called upon to design arms for two new auxiliary bishops for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. He eventually developed two fine designs – and when I find the final versions I’ll post them. In the meantime here is a rough sketch worked out for one bishop who shall remain nameless. These were carefully considered and drawn in his fine pen and ink drawing style and printed for the ordination service.  Shortly thereafter, to his dismay and considerable sadness the designs were jettisoned in favor of “conventional” heraldic designs or the sort that are common – full of bits and pieces – and very weak indeed. As a colleague recently remarked to me – “a coat of arms is not a resumé”. So here’s Bolton’s “canting” arms – canting refers to the use of a charge (or emblem) that refers directly to the name of the  individual. Enough said.

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