Graphic Artist

Here are two examples of Bolton’s work as a graphic artist. The first is an ordination card done in 1986 for a diaconal ordination. The second image is his own calling card from what he called St Dunstan Workshop – his studio at his family home in Villa Nova (as it was called in those days) – which he set up in the mid 1950’s as an attempt to get started as an independent artist and designer. The Workshop didn’t last long – Bolton had no mind for business.

Both examples show his debt to the cubist movement, now reviled in traditionalist circles. He protested to me, however, that he was not influenced by it! Though the first image is merely in pen and ink, he loved wood-engraving and hoped to imitate it in this and other graphic images. The second is a wood-cut. So in contrast to the previous post, this shows again the breadth of his work.

2 Responses to “Graphic Artist”

  1. Stephen Barbour Says:

    That card for the Diaconal ordinations is beautiful. Is there anyway to order a print of it?

    • ambly Says:

      I could not myself grant permission to make copies of this work which was commissioned by a cleric from Bolton Morris. The work is owned by the deacon in question.

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