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Yesterday, Today & Forever

September 10, 2009


This tabernacle hangs on a wall at Saint Cornelius Catholic Church in Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania. It is the second tabernacle Bolton designed and made for the parish. This was for a rather curious reason, as the new Archbishop wanted every church to have a tabernacle in the main church, whereas the architect had designed the church to have a separate Blessed Sacrament Chapel. As a follower of the Liturgical Movement, Bolton had been pleased with the previous arrangement. Nonetheless – he soldiered on and produced this fine work. I regret the photograph isn’t “all that it might be” to use a favorite phrase of his.

Here he combined various influences into something very much of the time. We can see early Christian Classical imagery as well as Byzantine figures and an almost Celtic palette and decorative details – remembering that the church was designed by George Yu and is a very modern space filled with natural materials.