Tâches Modestes


A small sketch I own shows what I think is St Bernard of Clairvaux, though I had thought I remembered Bolton saying it was St Martin of Tours (?). Clearly it shows what I told him was the influence of the Cubists (much to his dismay) this was, as I recall, intended as a program cover design for an ordination probably for an eponymous parish. He did many drawings and sketches for program covers and ordination cards. It’s a lively sketch and unknown and is a tiny sketch – smaller than the image you are seeing.

He loved the term “tâches modestes” which he took from a French liturgical artist whose name I forget – describing the modest tasks of a liturgical artist. It was his choice as a title for his retrospective exhibition.

2 Responses to “Tâches Modestes”

  1. Margaret Stineman Says:

    Fabulous I was his niece!!

  2. ambly Says:

    Hi, Margaret! Tell your mom I said Hi!

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