The Poor Clares


This is one of a series of 20 or so painted panels, the above showing St Francis preaching to the birds, the series devoted to the lives of St Francis and St Clare. These were executed in acrylic paint on plywood panels for the refectory of the Monastery of St Clare in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. They are delightful examples of his imaginative interpretation of late gothic Italian primitive art.

The borders of each panel are different, inspired by but not copied from, the Romanesque church in Zilis in Switzerland.


One Response to “The Poor Clares”

  1. Judine O'Shea Says:


    I stumbled upon Bolton Morris’s work today while searching for an image of St. Francis. His work is beautiful!

    I’d like permission to publish the St. Francish piece for a Catholic grade school textook that Loyola has coming out in the near future. We can pay $150.00. I would need a hi-rez scan or the original piece to scan. We would of course then return the original.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful work for us all to see,

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